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About Us

We Love Twitter. We want to make sure Twitter stays around for many years to come! So lets help Twitter Monetize! 

What Does Monetize Twitter mean?

To Monetize Twitter would mean to allow Twitter to generate money off existing or new services they would provide. To help Monetize Twitter, we would need to pitch great ideas that help Twitter make MONEY!

Don't hesitate with your ideas, no matter how crazy or wierd they may seem. Pitch them and let us all brainstorm to Monetize Twitter and keep it atop the social media chain!

For Twitter to Monetize, they need to find a way to help users monetize. This is key. This is what Facebook and Google have done. They allowed users to make money using their service and in turn Monetized their own website. To Monetize Twitter, they must garner support from businesses willing to pay them money to acheive better brand recognition, more customers, higher sales, etc

With hundreds of millions of users, Monetizing Twitter is just a matter of ideas. The answer is out there. Twitter started to Monetize already with the intro of "Promoted Tweets", which is a great move. But there is much more.

In order for Twitter to Monetize, they need to focus on working with the small busineses, local business, internet marketers, etc. Not just the huge corporations like Pepsi and Nike. There are only so many big corporations willing to get ad space on Twitter, but the real secret to Monetize Twitter is through helping the everyday person make a living.

Google Adsense, Facebook Ads have helped local businesses bring in more customers to their shop or website. Just as well, these services helped major corporations in the same exact manner. This is the true meaning of Monetizing. Let's help Twitter get there!


Email us with your ideas if you'd like :

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